KILLER Low Impact Glute & Core Strength Circuit | SILENT workout

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Exercise Breakdown: (burns regarding 500-600 calories).

Full 2 rounds of the adhering to circuit:.

1) Lateral banded walks (30 associates).
2) banded kickbacks (12 each leg).
3) grouped slider lateral lunges (12 each leg).
4) banded plank hip abduction with sliders (20 reps).
5) grouped SL glue bridge (10 per leg).
6) banded bird-dog (16 reps).
7) weighted pendulum lunges (10 each leg).
8) pike sliders with shoulder faucets (8 reps).
9) banded, weighted deadlift (10 representatives).
10) banded, weighted sumo squat (10 reps).
11) banded, weighted deadlift (10 representatives).
12) banded, heavy sumo squat (10 representatives).

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