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This Is Complete Day Of Consuming which is an Indian Bodybuilding Diet Plan.

A lot of my new clients were asking for an upgraded Full Day Diet Plan For Building Lean Muscle Mass. Well congratulations, In this video clip I’m mosting likely to show you my Personal Full Day Of Eating for Bodybuilding. Make certain that the quantity varies from individual to individual. So gauge points appropriately. If you’ll follow this kind of muscle building diet this would certainly not only help you developing lean muscle mass however also help you in quality weight gain. So below I present: Full Day Of Eating Indian Bodybuilding Diet.

All Macros are offered listed below

Meal 1: Protein Smoothie
70 gm Oats
Tool size Banana
300 ml skimmed milk
1 inside story whey protein

Overall Facts – Calories: 607, Carbs: 90gm, Protein: 46gm, Fat: 6gm

Meal 2: Peanut Butter Sandwich
4 Slices of Whole Wheat Bread
3 spoons Peanut Butter

Overall Facts – Cal: 794, Carb: 101gm, Protein: 28gm, Fat: 34gm

Meal 3: Lunch
100gm Brown Rice
1 Cup Mix Daal
6 egg whites & yolk egg omellete

Total Facts – Cal: 496, Carbs: 49gm, Protein: 37gm, Fats: 16gm

Meal 4: Pre-Workout Meal
2 slices of entire wheat Bread
1 glass skimmed milk (around 300ml).

Overall facts – Cal: 298, Carbs: 21gm, Protein: 18gm, Fats: 16gm.

Meal 5: Post Workout Meal.
80 gm Boiled Chicken.
1 Cup Boiled Vegetables.
1 Cucumber.
Ketchup for taste.

Total Facts – Cal:284, Carbs: 34gm, Protein: 30gm, Fats: 2gm.

Dish 6: Before Bed.
1 Large Cup Yogurt.

Complete Facts – Cal: 154, Carbs: 17gm, Protein: 13gm, Fats: 4gm.

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