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Apartment Belly in 7 Days/ Yoga for Apartment Abs/ The Best Ways To Shed Tummy Fat by Yoga/ Yoga Exercise Workout for Abs by Varsha Anthony, Yoga Siromani.

Surya Namaskar is ancient form of YOGA. The Sun Salutation is a warm up workout that should be practiced before beginning the various other Asanas. It is composed of 12 various back placements providing vertebral motions to the spinal column. It brings excellent versatility to the spine and also arm or legs.

Surya Namaskar video clip web link – https://youtu.be/V-77dqYtNw8

Series 1:
Solitary Leg Raise– Uttanpadasana/ Double Leg Raise – Uttanapadasan

Advantages of Leg Raise:
– Tones abdominal muscle
– Reduce stomach fat
– Tones and also strengthens leg muscular tissues
– Stretches the hamstrings
– Strengthens the reduced back
– Massage the body organs of the abdomen

Preventative measures:
– Avoid leg raising if you have back or neck troubles
– If you have weak muscle mass or have not worked out before, they must exercise under the guidance of trainer.
– Always keep the full length of your back on the flooring and also purposely keep your neck loosened up throughout the position.

Do this using each leg 5 times.

After Single Leg Raise & Double Leg Raise, unwind for 1 minutes in Savasana

Sequence 2:
Bhujangasana/ The Cobra Pose

Benefits of Bhujangasana:
– Increases flexibility
– Tones the abdomen
– Decreases the rigidity of the reduced back
– Stretches muscles in the shoulders, breast as well as abdominals
– Strengthens the arms, shoulders and back
– Improves menstruation abnormalities

Repeat the Cobra posture 3-10 times.

Message Cobra present, relax in Makarasana.

Series 3:
Dhanurasana/ The Bow Pose:

– Strengthens the back as well as stomach muscles
– Opens up the breast, neck and also shoulders
– Tones the leg and arm muscular tissues
– Adds greater adaptability to the back
– Relieves menstrual pain as well as constipation

Ways to do?
Resting on the abdominal area, bring the forehead to the floor. Bend the knees and also seize the ankle joints.
– Inhale, elevating the head, breast and also upper legs off the ground as high as possible. Keep the elbows directly and the head back. This will certainly have the effect of bringing the legs greater off the ground, offering a full arc to the back.
– Hold the placement for a minimum of 3 deep breaths. Come down and duplicate the exercise 3-5 times. On the last, attempt to do the “Rocking Bow”
– Lower the head, breast and thighs to the ground. Release the ankle joints, lower the legs to the ground. Turn the head to the side and also rest the cheek on the hands in Makarasana.

For fast result, along with this yoga exercise asanas, do appropriate Diet.

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