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Hey people! I’m trying a new method of exactly how I do my video clips, rather of chatting during the entire point, I utilized various angles so you could view the lift be done effectively. I still have them listed here!
Let me recognize if you do/don’ t like the video done this method or if I must stick with exactly how it was
All Lifts Done 4×12
Bike 20min
Bench Rear Single Leg Lift
Bench Leg Lifts
Bench Scissor
Hip Thrust
Frog Legs
( own twist on scissor and leg lift combination).
Smith Machine Hip Thrust.
Smith Machine Good Mornings.
Roman Chair Variations (three workouts).
Hamstring Curls.
Hack Sumo Squats.
Clergyman Curls.
Fire Hydrant.
Donkey Kicks.
Cable Roman Twists.
Sumo Squat Pulses.
Bench Crunches.
Travel through.

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